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Typography: Type-it-up or Tag-it-up?

Happy Friday, y’all! A wondrous day for the full-time, work-week warriors! I must finish my morning coffee and get out the door, but before I do, I just wanted to post a couple photos. One of the things I love … Continue reading

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Hustle Issue Wrapped

The peeps at 48 Hour Magazine pulled it off! Pretty cool. And even though I missed the submission deadline, I have to give these guys some hustle-love! In fact, I feel like my missing the opportunity to submit to this … Continue reading

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HUSTLE FILE #47: Eric Singley

NAME: Eric Michael Singley OCCUPATION: 7th level ranger, woodsman, art director, and midnight gardner. LOCATION: Northeast edge of Los Angeles WHAT’S YOUR HUSTLE: Making the Internet (and my yard and my room) a better place. Trying to help people appreciate … Continue reading

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