We are the 99%

It’s a warm, sunny Saturday here in lovely Los Angeles. And while I’ve been spending most of my days this week in front of my computer, trying to figure out how to make a living doing something I really love and care about, today I came outside to check out the new movement gaining momentum across the globe: Occupy Wall Street. Ahh yes, instead of being home alone in front of the computer, I am writing from the south lawn of City Hall at the Occupy LA movement. I even took my bike and the metro, which was fun in-and-of-itself!
I’ve seen a lot of inspiring things here today and it feels good to be out in solidarity with others. Learn more and check it out. I’m glad I did.
“When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.” —Thomas Jefferson

(Thanks to Justina at Compai for the last photo from Dr. Cornel West’s speech! Rad!)

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Inspired by @OccupyLA

Big things going on in Downtown LA at the OccupyLA gathering and I’m feeling inspired! I just watched Tavis Smiley and Cornel West speak on the Live Stream. And now I know I need to get down there tomorrow and finally check it out! Thanks to Jason at The World’s Got Problems and Justina at Compai for getting me hip to this. Sometimes I lose sight of what really matters—using your voice to stand up for something and taking action. Big ups to everyone taking part. This is my promise that I will join in solidarity on the stairs of the Los Angeles City Hall tomorrow, Saturday, October 8th!

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Self-Publish & Quit Your Day Job

Whooo hooo! I finally figured out how to make one of those nifty e-magazines that I’m seeing more and more of these days. Here it is on Issuu and on Scribd. But the Issuu one is waaay cuter and has a cooler flipbook style, which I’m sure the Scribd one does too, but I haven’t figured it all out yet.

And duuude, all I can say is the experience has made me feel like a kid learning to ride a bike and getting seriously scraped up, only instead of riding a bike outside, I’m sitting in front of this computer all day! But, at least I didn’t cry!

While I handmade and photocopied the first 40 zines the old-fashioned way, I knew I wanted to try an e-version. So, check it out. Still having problems with WordPress plugins and embedding Issuu’s code and a bunch of stuff I hate thinking about, but it’s a start! I’m thinking this will be my first of many, as long as it gets easier. DIY, baby! Enjoy.

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State Park Scene Report: Big Sur to Marin

California knows how to party! From LA to the Bay, I made it up and down the coast last week, visiting and camping in some of the most beautiful parks in the Golden State. Here are a few snapshots to make ya swoon. Stories coming soon…

Oh yes, it was that exciting! Jaw-dropping delightful!
Lots of tree-huggin’ love to all and a happy, happy October!
XO, s

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Hit the Road, Jack

On the road again… Just like Jack Kerouac… Or was it Willie Nelson? Whoever it was, here we go again! Just like many ramblers that’ve come before me, I’m headed up the coast today. It’s a motorbike caravan and I’m in the car with all the camping gear. Destination: Big Sur, then the Marin Headlands. Five days of California just how I like it. Wild and free!


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Escape / Retreat

Ahhh, this was the view from my office-to-go this morning. Hiding out at my sister and her husband’s cabin in the pine trees near a lake in Washington was the best idea for this week! Can’t wait to see where my next office might be. Here’s to more adventures & that keep-on-moving spirit!


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Freelance Freedoms: One-Day Work Week

What fun that it’s less than two months since I resigned from my full-time job, and I’ve already got this freelancing life all figured out, or at least pretty well figured out.

One super rad thing about being a freelancing freebird is that I’m only working one day this week—today! And the rest of the week, I’m flying up to Washington to stay with my sister. Yahoo! Here’s a couple photos of me counting the days of my work week. One day of work (see that one finger as I slyly snapped a shot at my freelance gig today). And now four days of vacay and creative adventures tucked away at a cabin on a lake. So stoked I can make it all work after working so hard to make it all happen. Yeah!

Best wishes and a beautiful week to all. XO, s

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Public Fiction / Public Libraries

Super excited to ride my bike to my neighborhood art gallery Public Fiction tonight! This evening marks the opening of their “Gold Rush / Manifest Destiny” series that will go on through December. Oooo, and the other cool part is I’m writing a piece for the publication that will accompany the series. Actually writing it right now at my public library just down the street from both my house and the gallery. So nice to have a new piece in the works. So nice to ride a bike and hang out at a library for the afternoon.

Yep, I’d have to say, living in California really is a dream destiny to manifest. Come tonight if you’re feeling frisky! Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair. (Couldn’t resist!)

Here’s more info from Public Fiction:
This fall, The Gold Rush / Manifest Destiny series at the Museum of Public Fiction will unravel in three parts of one story. The first, La Californie, is named after Picasso’s Mediterranean Villa. This exhibition will contain the work of eight California-based artists whose work swells with searching, SoCal colors, entrepreneurialism, invention, and fame. The second part will transforms the museum into a Californian hotel, with a rotating cast of East-coast artists who will travel West to vacation, perform, and make souvenirs within it’s walls. The third will be a landscape, a post-quake set, a hollywoodian facsimile of LA.

Public Fiction
749 N. Avenue 50
Los Angeles, CA 90042

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The September Set-Up

Happy Labor Day, y’all! Another crazy day in this crazy world of ours. How lucky to enjoy a day dedicated to relaxing and BBQ-ing. I mean, take a look at the news and it’s obvious there are people and parts of the world that never seem to catch a break, much less a holiday dedicated to chilling. It’s a trip. But, today I look to the beautiful things in life like the ocean and the beach—to where I ventured early this morning…

And now I’m spending some time getting set-up for September. As summer winds down, I’m ready to hideout, get cozy and emerge myself in more projects.

Getting back into a script that I want to finish in the next couple months. And I’m trying to think of some bigger, more meaningful projects I can do that will help more people in need. Feels good to put my thinking cap on for a bit today and trip out. But, uh, I may head to a BBQ in a moment. It’s alright to switch from coffee to sangria, right? Work time to chill time? Yeah, LA is full of endless summer fun, even in September. Lucky us.
Peace, love, prayers to all,

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A Finish to Start Me Up

Yes! Kicking off my weekend by finishing a project I set out to do. Love that! Today I’ll be handing out my new zine, “QUIT YOUR DAY JOB: Hustle up & go for yours” to homies down at the FYF Fest in LA State Historic Park.

Next step will be to get it up online in some e-book/e-zine version. And then, who knows, I might be the next author featured on the esteemed shelves of every FedEx Kinkos nationwide! Yep, this is where I spent my Saturday morning. Inspiring! Silly!

Happy holiday weekend, y’all. Here’s to both finishing and starting projects!

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Mellow-Meets-Manic Monday!

Hey all you out in work-week land, Happy Monday! I’m up and at ’em. Already positioned to attack all the projects on my plate and totally feeling my messy, makeshift workspace.

How about you? Feeling mellow or manic today? Either way, this video’s good for a laugh. Enjoy!

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Music, Community, Congrats!

Wishing Cali at Teenage Teardrops congratulations on his 5-year anniversary celebration. Festivities in full-swing today at The Smell. Good peeps! Good fun! Come!

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Vacation Visits to Back on the Attack

Ahhh… so nice how a vacation out-of-town sure feels like hiding from your regular life, right?

Yep, I’m definitely feeling all silly and cartoony since I got back from a five-day family visit to Erie, Pennsylvania. Wow, what fun. Cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, sister and dad. So many silly family moments, memories and photos, I’m still uploading to Flickr. But to calm my mind and get back into work mode, I’m thinking of this empty beach along the Presque Isle on Lake Erie.

And the cups of coffee I’d have each morning on my dad’s back porch looking out into the maple grove while him and my sister were still asleep.

And all the rides I went on at Waldameer Park, an amusement park that my family has been going to for three generations.

Especially this ride since I feel like a total trooper transitioning from family reunion back to my daily hustle. Whooohoooo. What a ride!

Happy Friday to all. Hope you have a beautiful weekend full of summer fun.

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Almost Famous (At Least Practicing)

Okay, I did it! After spending all day yesterday totally alone with my thoughts on what the heck I wanna do with my newfound freelancing freedom, I came to the conclusion that I’m going to do the following three things in the next few months: (1) ROCK: write/record/perform new songs (as my solo act Candy’s Room, of course), (2) WRITE: my blog, a zine, a book perhaps, and (3) WRITE SOME MORE: at least two 100-page scripts.

Oh yeah, I’ve got my work cut out for me. But, at least I’m now clear that these same things I’ve wanted to do the last couple of years are still the things I want to do today! Clarity is key. And practice makes… well, let’s just say after playing a few shows in spring/summer, I need more practice. Got started today!

Hooray for being crazy (and wearing tie-dye often)! I swear, after all this self-indulgence in creative projects over the next few months, I’m gonna go volunteer or do something outside of myself. But for now, it’s me, me, me, me, me! And you? Got any self-indulgence on your agenda? I say, dive in!

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Do Quit Your Day Job

When you quit your full-time day job like I just did a few weeks ago, and then give yourself a little time to space out before picking up more work, you’ll find you can turn a Tuesday into a Sunday like it ain’t no thang!

Yesterday, I started the morning on my front porch, reading through the beginnings of a script I’m writing. Taking the leap to full-time freelancer has given me a whole new perspective on passion projects like this one! And I’m finding that actually having time is the biggest luxury. Hell, I even have more time to take photos while I trip out and think about what I’ll do next.

From the Eastside to the Westside, I left my front porch and made it to Venice Beach boardwalk by mid-afternoon to brainstorm about a zine I want to write…

Sunshine, palm trees, plus a cold glass of beer then rosé with my girlfriends definitely got my creative juices flowin’!

Then down to the water to play! Good thing my two girlfriends brought their three chihuahuas. It was a serious “I love LA” moment!

I mean, what else could I’ve possibly needed to make this day any more silly, summery and oh-so inspiring. I love a Tuesday-turned-Sunday!

The sea and sun were lovely as always.

And in just a day, my perspective on things shifted once again. Swept away by silliness and a super pretty Tuesday at the beach, I’m definitely feeling my mid-week hustle with a renewed sense of wonder and gratitude. Yep, quitting things is often just the start of something new and very rad! I say, do it!

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HUSTLE FILE #77: Armando Telemundo

NAME: Armando Telemundo

OCCUPATION: Lover of Women/Giver of Lapdances

LOCATION: Cali, Baby!

WHAT’S YOUR HUSTLE: I take down cougars on plentyoffish.com, zoosk.com, okcupid.com, etc. I also dance onstage during my brother Guadalajara Joe‘s live rap shows and give ladies in the crowd lapdances during the songs.


IF YOU COULD HAVE ONLY 3 TOOLS FOR YOUR HUSTLE, WHAT WOULD THEY BE: Toothbrush, toothpaste & a perfect smile!

A WORD TO WANNABE HUSTLERS IN YOUR FIELD: Hope you have the internet!


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An All-Around Rad Weekend!

From inside the historic Jim Henson/Charlie Chaplin lot on La Brea…

To the Cosmic Cafe at the top of Mount Wilson in the Angeles National Forest…

Not to mention a trip to Raging Waters in San Dimas and a rad Saturday afternoon show in Highland Park… this weekend has been as thrilling as a ride on the back of a Harley at 80 miles per hour! Yep, did that too!

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HUSTLE FILE #76: Susan Harman

NAME: Susan Harman

OCCUPATION: Hairdresser extraordinaire

LOCATION: Salon Sessions in Pasadena, California

WHAT’S YOUR HUSTLE: Making people feel good about themselves through their hair. I come from a “wash and wear” school of thought, which is about creating a cut that looks good even without styling. But, when it comes to styling, I teach my clients how to do it the easiest way possible. As for color, my style makes it so people don’t feel like slaves to their roots.

WHAT DOES YOUR HUSTLE MEAN TO YOU: I have a background in fine art, but always felt so alone in the studio while working on a sculpture or painting. Being behind the chair with my hands in clients’ hair allows me to not only be creative, but also social. Making people feel good makes me happy. Hair is the outfit you never take off, so it should “fit” well and feel great too!

IF YOU COULD HAVE ONLY 3 TOOLS FOR YOUR HUSTLE, WHAT WOULD THEY BE: 7-inch scissors, comb, soft bristle brush.

A WORD OF ADVICE TO WANNABE: Two things: (1) Controlling hair will come as you practice. It’s a fabric of sorts and can be a bit like folding a fitted sheet in the beginning. What I learned from my mentors is that if your hands look elegant while creating, you’re most likely creating something great; (2) Keep up with the latest trends and techniques by taking advanced classes. Practice makes perfect!


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Another Office On-the-Go!

Mixing it up again by taking my office outdoors. Here’s a snapshot from outside of Golden Bridge Yoga yesterday, whilst catching up on some reading. Definitely excited about the debut issue from Public Fiction—a new arts space plus quarterly publication out of my newfound neighborhood of Highland Park. Artsy fartsy fun fun fun!

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Office Open & On the Run!

With no desk job to report to these days, my new office is wherever I decide to set up shop. Yesterday morning it was on my front porch.

Yeah, I definitely couldn’t have pulled off these tattered tie-dye stretch pants for a day at my old office. But, now I can just roll out of bed in super-gypsy style and begin a day’s work. Groovy, baby!

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HUSTLE FILE #75: Henry Hargreaves

NAME: Henry Hargreaves

OCCUPATION: Photographer of breasts


WHAT’S YOUR HUSTLE: I shoot boobs in 3D. Currently working on the second insallment of the 3DD book series.

WHAT DOES YOUR HUSTLE MEAN TO YOU: Helping others celebrate boobs of all shapes, sizes, colors & ages in glorious 3D!


A WORD TO WANNABE HUSTLERS IN YOUR FIELD: Remember every second person has them.


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Freelance Freebird: Week 2

Well, well. Here we go. Kicking off week two of my new found freedom. I resigned from and wrapped up my full-time copywriting job just a little over a week ago, gave myself a week of freewheelin’ floating around, and now I’m ready to get into some kind of work routine. From Sunday to Monday, here are a few snapshots to start the week off right.

Elysian Park for a Sunday afternoon picnic.

Vintage spray paint cans on display at the MOCA Art in the Streets exhibition. Wrap party last night was educational, fun and tripped out!

And here I am on Monday of week two as a full-time freelancing freebird. Got the laptop open, plus a cup of coffee. Guess that’s the first step. Sure am excited to see how this new adventure unfolds.
Wishing all a happy, productive, creative and calm week! That’s what I’m going for!
Much love,

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Surf City USA on a Thursday!

Yeah! Not working a full-time desk job is suiting me just fine! Swimsuiting me just fine, in fact! In my bikini at the US Open for Surfing today & tomorrow in Huntington Beach. Just checked into the Shorebreak at the foot of the pier. Full-on epic shaka bra landia! Loves!





Last Day! First Day!

Ahhh, the day has come! Last day at my apartment, final day of my move and first official day not having to report to a regular Monday-through-Friday desk job! Goodbye, old friend! Hello, new life filled with more creative projects and some serious freelance hustlin’… Though I may let myself chill for a minute! Yes, chilling. Oh and thank you, old bedroom. It was such a lovely stay.

Now, on to more livin’ it up a la my new Super Gypsy Status & the Public Storage Program.

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Super Gypsy/Public Storage: Days 3 & 4 & I Forget

Wow! This whole moving thing is melting my mind. But, at least I love a good moving-mind-melt. It’s all so cleansing, exhausting and exciting.

Here are a few shots from Days 3 and 4 or more. I can’t keep track. I think even my hat is melting in this photo I took en route with the top down and filled to the brim. Gangster? Hobo? I’d say a little of both!

Ooo, and how good does my Pierrot Le Fou poster look in its new home? I could look at this poster forever! But, gypsy life calls… So, into storage you go! À la prochaine fois! (‘Til next time!)

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MacArthur Park Party with No Age

Whooohooo! What fun! Come hang for the free NO AGE show in MacArthur Park tomorrow night at 7pm. It’s gonna be so fun! Even my mom’s coming!

Free food provided by FOOD NOT BOMBS LA (while it lasts). Ride your bike or take the metro (Westlake MacArthur Park exit off the red or purple line). That’s what I’m gonna try to do. That is if I don’t get a ride with my mom. : )

Levitt Pavilion in MacArthur Park | Wilshire Blvd & Alvarado Street | Los Angeles, CA

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Public Storage Program: Day 2

Is it just me or does “Day 2” of the move into my new storage space look a lot like when I played a show at TAKEOFF in Van Nuys over the Fourth of July weekend.

Hmmm… This gives me an idea. Maybe the storage space could double as a venue for private Candy’s Room performances? Oooo, Super Gyspy Status & the Public Storage Program is getting better all the time! I like it.

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Super Gypsy Status & the Public Storage Program

Oh boy, here we go again. I’m up to my old tricks. I haven’t even been at my apartment a full year and I’m moving out. Today is day one of my move and I’m stoked!

I love moving. I don’t think I’ve ever lived in any place longer than a year or two, except for once in Kentucky from age two to eight and once again in Novato, California, age 10 to 14. Yep, I think my family and I have been gypsies most of our lives. And this time around I’m going for Super Gypsy Status! A new life full of freelancing, more creative writing and more travel. And who’s always my favorite sidekick in this adventure… why, Public Storage, of course!

Ahhh, Public Storage. I am Bat Girl and you are my Bat Cave! Here’s to day one, baby!

Stay tuned for more adventures in moving and for some vintage Public Storage stories, check these out from when I first started HUSTLE UP (about three moves ago in 2009)!
STORAGE STORY #1: First Trip
STORAGE STORY #2: Did It Without a Dolly
STORAGE STORY #3: Power Move Weekend
Who else out there is a mover and shaker and can’t sit still? Holla at your girl.

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Candy’s Room Goes Valley Girl

For sure! It’s like totally awesome that this Saturday night, my solo act Candy’s Room, plus Randy Randall and Bachsung will be deep in the Valley to play a show at our friends’ shop TAKEOFF! 15100 Keswick Street #A in Van Nuys, baby! A rad place to shop, see bands and have a wild Valley adventure! Just $5 for a whole lotta fun!

Ooo, and is it just a coincidence that Nicolas Cage’s character in “Valley Girl” is a punker named Randy? I think not. Gag me with a spoon! This is all just too dreamy for words!

See you Saturday in the Vall at TAKEOFF!
15100 Keswick Street #A, Van Nuys, CA

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Who’s Excited for a Summer Holiday?

We are!

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