HUSTLE FILE #100: Clara Polito

NAME: Clara Polito

OCCUPATION: Head baker and founder of Clara’s Cakes, curator, high school student

LOCATION: Atwater Village

WHAT’S YOUR HUSTLE: I bake happiness into people’s lives. The remainder consists of homeschooling, refreshing my instagram, and figuring out how I’m going to make ideas of mine come to life.

WHAT DOES YOUR HUSTLE MEAN TO YOU: Not working for the man, but being the man, in my own world. Baking is something that I taught myself from “scratch” and it’s become the best job imaginable right now. If you’re working and every once in a while feel really stoked to be doing exactly what you’re doing, then I think you’ve got the right hustle going. What I’ve noticed about myself is that I love creating things, whether it’s a cupcake or art show, because there was no complete product to begin with so it’s magical to observe a finished result that originally was just a spark in my mind.

IF YOU COULD HAVE ONLY THREE TOOLS FOR YOUR HUSTLE, WHAT WOULD THEY BE: My iPhone, a gift card to Surfas, and an apron.


Visit Clara this Sunday, February 10th for her Valentine’s Pop-Up Shop at Atwater Village Farm from 11am ’til 4pm. 3224 Glendale Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90039. She’ll have heart pocket pies, chocolate caliente cookie sammies and red velvet cupcakes! All vegan, all the time!

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  1. steve says:

    Good Work Clara. You broke Shannons Blog. J/K. Hi Shannon.

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