Racing in the Strawberry Fields Whatever

Happy Friday, friends! Let me take you down, cuz I’m going to (and I’m featured on) Strawberry Fields Whatever

Rad writer friend and HUSTLE FILE #81 Elizabeth Barker recently asked me to take part in a survey on her fresh new music blog Strawberry Fields Whatever. Authored by her, fellow writer Laura Jane Faulds and illustrated by Jen May, SFW is fun for everyone, especially music-lovers who enjoy “thoughtful/rabblerousing writing on beautiful rock-and-roll music, most of it from a very long time ago.”

For their SFW Survery, I chose to write about a song that “makes me cry”…

And my piece was one of 25 responses from fellow writers…

Thanks Liz letting me indulge in your and my favorite topic: SPRINGSTEEN! : )

Got a song that makes you cry? For more sweet stories on tear-jerking jams, pop on over to SFW and read the whole post with pieces from 25 contributing writers. Next question is “Describe in detail the most perfectly soundtracked makeout experience of your life thus far.” To submit a story for consideration, email sometime before October 16th. Yes! Makeout!

Nothing is real, and nothing to get hung about…

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