Torrential & Tropical in Taipei

Whoooo!!! We made it to Taipei, Taiwan. We arrived to a tropical and humid night, scooters buzzing up and down the city streets. Instead of stinky tofu at the night markets though (a real delicacy that stinks up the whole street), we opted for chips and salsa and boba iced tea.

Today we woke to torrential rains worthy of typhoons and tsunamis! So we got rain ponchos and headed back to the chips and salsa spot for more yummies! Yep, Mexican food and margaritas in Taipei, baby! So funny.

And guess who the one in the light blue poncho is? None other than theeee Sarah B, my bestie and old roomie from LA who’s been living in Southeast Asia for a year and is now teaching English and yoga here in Taiwan. She even has a resident card! So rad.

I was so happy to see her, we just had to celebrate with margaritas and nachos!

Then, our posse headed back out into the rain to play in our ponchos some more…

Yeah, one big happy bunch, tripping out in Taipei!

Now all we need are scooters to get around in our new Mexican-Taiwanese biker gang. And Sarah B already has a scooter. She got hers a month ago. She’s so cool.

Signing off from Scooterlandia (where the food’s so strange, we’re sticking to Mexican),

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