Lost in Fascination (with Toilets)

Konichiwa and welcome to “Lost in Fascination” — a series of stories and photos from my travels in Asia over the next few weeks. It’s Day 4 for me in Tokyo and I’m kicking off the series with a “toilets” theme. I promise nicer-themed posts about “stationary” and “cherry blossoms” are next, but I must start with “toilets” because they’re what distracted me, making me lose my passport the day I arrived.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I lost my passport within like 20 minutes of touching ground in Tokyo. We got our bags, got through customs, and then, I must have straight dropped it on the ground or set it down in the bathroom and left it. The culprit was of course my pea brain and the jet lag, but I also blame it on something else… the toilets!

Yeah, it’s cliche, but seeing my first toilet in Tokyo was strangely confusing, also exhilarating and totally distracting! Here are a few photos of Tokyo toilets, diagrams, control panels and more! They make sounds, have warming effects and squirt all over the place. The rest I’ll leave to your imagination. But you see why I may have forgot all about my passport now, don’t you?! ; )

Oh and since we all love happy endings, long story short, my passport was found at the airport a few hours later! I got sooooo lucky!!! I mean, I felt so ridiculous losing my passport that fast. So, too lessen my chances of falling victim to future bathroom distractions and my jet-lagged pea brain, I got one of these. I may look like a kid or a tourist wearing it, but at least I won’t pull some dumb rookie move like losing my passport while thinking about toilets again!

May all good things flow to you (and from you)! Prettier pictures coming soon!
Lost in Fascination,

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1 Response to Lost in Fascination (with Toilets)

  1. Justina says:

    Dude!!! OMG I can’t believe you lost your passport– thank goodness you found it again! #Lucky !! The same happened to me on New Years Eve 1999 in Paris. Nightmare. These toilets are trippy! So futuristic! Can’t wait to hear more tales. hugs and kisses!!

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