Two Weeks ’til Tokyo! Taipei, Seoul and Busan!

Konichiwa, homies! Yep, I’m practicing my Japanese since two weeks from today I’ll be on a direct flight from LA to Tokyo to bounce around Asia for three weeks. Why, you ask? Well, because that’s how I roll. Or at least I try to roll.

I think of it as the art of balancing work, fun and travel. Hustle when you have to, but also let life flow and take some risks. I try to do what I love, make work fun, make money and handle my finances, but then take time to chill, explore and trip out! Maybe this is why I’m able to take a few weeks off to travel. All that and my hot rockin’ dude plays in a rad band called No Age and this time I get to go on tour with them while they play a handful of shows in Asia. Lucky, I know!

Here are just a few of the places and things I’m excited about:
Tokyo will be in full bloom when I’m there and I’m definitely getting down with all the Hanami (cherry blossom viewing) hot spots where crowds flood the parks, hang and enjoy the trees.

The Kaikoo Popwave Festival on the weekend of April 21-22 should be a super cool experience, especially since No Age is playing at Toyko’s Museum of Maritime Science for one of the days and in the cool neighborhood of Shibuya another day.

After a week in Toyko, I get to go to Taiwan to see my bestie Miss Sarah B, who’s living there and teaching English. Also, our friend Sky from Earwax Promotions is putting on the show in Taipei and she’s awesome!

And the craziest part of all is that our last stop will be two nights in two cities in South Korea — Seoul and Busan. Ridiculously cool, right?! I mean, I never imagined going there, yet here I go!

Lastly, check out my Pinterest boards on Tokyo, Taipei and Seoul as I get ready for my adventures ahead! And of course, there’ll be more stories soon. Just had to start the countdown kickoff to my departure today! Two weeks, baby!

Super cool Tokyo illustration at top of post by Julia Rothman

And all of the No Age tour dates/details listed here on

Yours in adventure & exploration! Sayounara… Ciao for now. XO, s

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1 Response to Two Weeks ’til Tokyo! Taipei, Seoul and Busan!

  1. birdy says:

    I got to go to Busan for a weekend randomly when I visited a friend teaching English near Seoul. The fresh fish market is INSANE. I know it sounds kind of boring (or at least the name is pretty self explanatory), but it was so atmospheric and interesting. There are also a lot of beautiful bathhouses that look out over the ocean. The one I went to sold ice cream outside the steam room (why?)– it was amazing. Seoul is neat, too, but I wanted to put in a good word for Busan. Have lots of fun!

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