Oh Hello 2012!

My, how this new year is flying by. Straight flown into February without a single post in January! The thing is, I kinda took a blogging break on purpose since I dedicated January to writing a first draft of a script idea I’ve been kicking around forevs. Fun! Plus, I don’t know if you guys have heard; but there’s this thing called Instagram on the iPhone, and well, it’s kinda usurped my interest in blogging as much as I used to. Anyways, back to keeping it real with some Hustle Up blog love.

And for my first post of the year, an invitation: This Friday night! February 10th from 7 to 10pm. Come hang at Public Fiction in my hood (Highland Park)!

It’ll be an intimate affair to officially launch the second issue of Public Fiction (The Gold Rush / Manifest Destiny issue) for which I wrote a piece on the Henry Miller Memorial Library in Big Sur. You may remember my State Park Scene Report: Big Sur to Marin from the fall. And if you don’t know about Public Fiction, well come find out!

Part of the Pacific Standard Time celebrations happening all over LA, there will be performances by Ezra Buchla at 8pm and Corey Fogel at 9pm, and an array of drinks, gold food, and of course, the new publication. Come celebrate the West Coast, California and LA in particular. Hope to see you. XO, s

Images from Public Fiction and friends.

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1 Response to Oh Hello 2012!

  1. Elena says:

    stunning first shot!

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