HUSTLE FILE #88: Jon Setzen

NAME: Jon Setzen

OCCUPATION: Creative Director at Media Temple

LOCATION: Los Angeles

WHAT’S YOUR HUSTLE: My hustle is trying to make beautiful, engaging and usable things, as well as being a present dad and husband.

WHAT DOES YOUR HUSTLE MEAN TO YOU: My hustle means doing something I love somewhere I love with people I love. I’ve definitely found that balance at Media Temple which allows for me to be creative and also allows for me to have a life outside of work, because really my life revolves around my family. I hustle to get work done so I can spend undivided time with my two boys.

IF YOU COULD HAVE ONLY THREE TOOLS FOR YOUR HUSTLE, WHAT WOULD THEY BE: Pencil that never runs out of lead, an infinitely long ream of paper, iPhone (with a battery that never dies).

A WORD OF ADVICE TO WANNABE HUSTLERS IN YOUR FIELD: Don’t take the easy way out. Don’t expect compliments. Work hard. Listen to people. Take advice and criticism. Collaborate. Fall in love. Have kids—they change the way you look at the World.
Photo of Jon by Dana Neujahr.

About Shannon Flaherty

Writer. Creative. Freelancer. Freebird.
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