Thankful for Don Rickles, Randy & YOU!

Happy Thanksgiving all! A few weeks ago I had the super cool opportunity to see a comedic living legend of Las Vegas fame, Mr. Don Rickles. Also known as “Mr. Warmth” and the greatest insult comedian, my rad dude Randy and I were thrilled to sit second row from the legend himself on a Saturday night sold-out show at The Orleans Hotel and Casino off the Vegas strip.

And as if sitting second row (in front of Jerry Springer) wasn’t enough, Randy actually got insulted by Rickles and invited on stage for a silly and appropriately inappropriate skit! We were thrilled. But, most of all, above all, it was Don Rickles’ overwhelming gratitude and thankful spirit that night that touched me most and moved me to tears. At the wise old age of 85, he spoke about how much he loved his life and all of his experiences. He talked about his upbringing and beginnings as a comic running with the Rat Pack. He talked about his friends, his family, his wife and his mother, and just how much he has loved them all and how important it is to love on another. And I absolutely loved it. It reminded me how much I love my life and my friends and my family and everything that has brought me to today and everything that’s ahead.

So, today, on this day of thanks, I thank you and I love you. Yep, all of you. You, you and you!

About Shannon Flaherty

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