The September Set-Up

Happy Labor Day, y’all! Another crazy day in this crazy world of ours. How lucky to enjoy a day dedicated to relaxing and BBQ-ing. I mean, take a look at the news and it’s obvious there are people and parts of the world that never seem to catch a break, much less a holiday dedicated to chilling. It’s a trip. But, today I look to the beautiful things in life like the ocean and the beach—to where I ventured early this morning…

And now I’m spending some time getting set-up for September. As summer winds down, I’m ready to hideout, get cozy and emerge myself in more projects.

Getting back into a script that I want to finish in the next couple months. And I’m trying to think of some bigger, more meaningful projects I can do that will help more people in need. Feels good to put my thinking cap on for a bit today and trip out. But, uh, I may head to a BBQ in a moment. It’s alright to switch from coffee to sangria, right? Work time to chill time? Yeah, LA is full of endless summer fun, even in September. Lucky us.
Peace, love, prayers to all,


About Shannon Flaherty

Writer. Creative. Freelancer. Freebird.
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