Freelance Freebird: Week 2

Well, well. Here we go. Kicking off week two of my new found freedom. I resigned from and wrapped up my full-time copywriting job just a little over a week ago, gave myself a week of freewheelin’ floating around, and now I’m ready to get into some kind of work routine. From Sunday to Monday, here are a few snapshots to start the week off right.

Elysian Park for a Sunday afternoon picnic.

Vintage spray paint cans on display at the MOCA Art in the Streets exhibition. Wrap party last night was educational, fun and tripped out!

And here I am on Monday of week two as a full-time freelancing freebird. Got the laptop open, plus a cup of coffee. Guess that’s the first step. Sure am excited to see how this new adventure unfolds.
Wishing all a happy, productive, creative and calm week! That’s what I’m going for!
Much love,


About Shannon Flaherty

Writer. Creative. Freelancer. Freebird.
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One Response to Freelance Freebird: Week 2

  1. Sole alberti says:

    sweetness radness all day every day….

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