Super Gypsy Status & the Public Storage Program

Oh boy, here we go again. I’m up to my old tricks. I haven’t even been at my apartment a full year and I’m moving out. Today is day one of my move and I’m stoked!

I love moving. I don’t think I’ve ever lived in any place longer than a year or two, except for once in Kentucky from age two to eight and once again in Novato, California, age 10 to 14. Yep, I think my family and I have been gypsies most of our lives. And this time around I’m going for Super Gypsy Status! A new life full of freelancing, more creative writing and more travel. And who’s always my favorite sidekick in this adventure… why, Public Storage, of course!

Ahhh, Public Storage. I am Bat Girl and you are my Bat Cave! Here’s to day one, baby!

Stay tuned for more adventures in moving and for some vintage Public Storage stories, check these out from when I first started HUSTLE UP (about three moves ago in 2009)!
STORAGE STORY #1: First Trip
STORAGE STORY #2: Did It Without a Dolly
STORAGE STORY #3: Power Move Weekend
Who else out there is a mover and shaker and can’t sit still? Holla at your girl.


About Shannon Flaherty

Writer. Creative. Freelancer. Freebird.
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7 Responses to Super Gypsy Status & the Public Storage Program

  1. Ellen Lutwak says:

    This is wonderful. Do I live vicariously through you and your rock ‘n roll travels? Maybe. I have a friend who is a musician, and didn’t have a permanent address until about three years ago, and he’s 48!

  2. Justina says:

    #loves the gypsy woman! you have 4 posts about storage rooms?!! really?!! Gangsta!!

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  5. Teofila Popham says:

    Wonderful! So simple. I had a good experience filling forms online and happy to share it with you. BTW, there is an online service through which you can fill out a IRS 1040 – Schedule E, the fillable blank is here

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