From Los Angeles to Athens to Hydra

Never heard of Hydra? Well, it’s a Greek island, one of the Saronic Islands to be exact, located in the Aegean Sea just about three hours from Athens, by boat of course. The only reason I know this is because my boyfriend is there this weekend performing on a barge that will circle the island. Crazy, I know. And here I am reporting on it from Los Angeles.

No cars are allowed in Hydra, so the only transport is by donkey, bicycle or foot.

What else is on the island of Hydra in Greece? Well, like I mentioned a few posts ago, Doug Aitken, No Age and Chloë Sevigny are there this weekend for the last two nights of a four-night performance of Black Mirror. I haven’t seen any footage online yet, but I did get a few snapshots of the crew in Athens, just before they arrived in Hydra today—courtesy of Randy Randall of No Age.

Artist Doug Aitken and Chloë Sevigny, ready to conquer the art world.

And of course, I asked Randy to get a photo of them with Chloë. So, here’s a funny one he took of her with Dean. Total art stars.

It’s pretty rad that artists like Doug Aitken figure out how to pull off such an extravagant and über cool production. Opening Ceremony had a piece on their blog this week, too. And I’m sure some footage will start to crop up online as the performance wraps up on Monday. Coolness.

Okay, I think that was enough name-dropping for one post. Hope I didn’t hurt your toes! For more heavy-hitting news on the latest in Greece, check out the BBC’s coverage of fierce clashes during protests over the country’s austerity measures: In the last 72 hours the full force of Greece’s political problems have hit home. Financial bankruptcy has been superseded by political bankruptcy.

Signing off from Los Angeles, reporting on artsy stuff in Greece,

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