Walk It Out!

Dude! This week’s story on NPR: Sitting All Day Is Worse For You Than You Think really freaked me out since I do spend a lot of my day sitting at the computer. Soooo, what to do? Well, I decided I’m going to walk (and maybe even run) more! This will be triple awesome since (1) I don’t want to pay to join a gym that I have to drive to, (2) I want to spend more time outside, and (3) I need more breaks from always buzzing around and being so busy at work and at home!

Oh, and even though I know you’re not supposed to pick other people’s flowers from their yards, I’m still excited to pick just a few while I’m out walking around. During this week’s walking adventures, I took these photos… Hooray for being outside! And hooray for walking! It really helps to keep a hustler happy and chill. Enjoy! XO, s


About Shannon Flaherty

Writer. Creative. Freelancer. Freebird.
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2 Responses to Walk It Out!

  1. Ellen Lutwak says:

    Love it! That’s one reason why I started NetWalkers90210. Schmooze and stay fit. Walk with me!

  2. Shannon says:

    Thanks, Ellen! I always think of you as one of my most inspiring WALK-advocates! : ) Would love to walk with you sometime… maybe once I work freelance again, I can find the time! : ) Cheers. Keep walking. Xo. s

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