Vamos a la LA Times Travel Show!

Time to travel! LA Times Travel, that is! In all my reading and travel writing adventures, I’ve always enjoyed checking out the Travel section in any and every major newspaper. I’ve even been known to save them in a stack under my bed. Well, this weekend, I’m going to uncover all my travel writing desires and head down to the Los Angeles Convention Center to check out the granddaddy of Travel & Adventure trade shows – The Los Angeles Times Travel & Adventure Show. Presenting two days of informative and inspiring travel talks and panels featuring many of today’s leading travel experts, it’s the largest travel event in the West!

Here are my top picks for exhibitors I want to check out:

American Association for Nude Recreation
Get naked! I just gotta check out the org whose tagline is, “The credible voice of reason for nude recreation since 1931”. The whole thing sounds kinda creepy to me since I prefer my nude recreation in more private settings, but I could be convinced otherwise.

BORN TO BE WILD, in theatres April 8th
3D, high-def, IMAX monkeys & elephants! Yes, please!

Earthwatch Institute
These guys are giving a talk on Saturday titled, “Conservation Adventures”… Right up my alley!

Grand Canyon Expeditions Company
River trips down the Colorado River in the bottom of the grandest canyon of all. Sign me up. Especially since I didn’t see a damn thing of the canyon on my last trip to the Grand Canyon.

Mexicali Turismo booth. I’ve been to Mexicali for a few punk rock shows in my day, and I’m not sure there’s anything turisty to see there. Pero, vamos a ver.

Shell Vacations Club
Oh wow! I actually worked for this timeshare company for a few months a few years ago. Hard-selling a “lifetime of vacations” was one of the funniest, most interesting jobs I’ve ever had! And now I’m writing a screenplay about it. Excited to see my timeshare homies, but I probably won’t tell them about the screenplay.

Tahiti Tourisme
French-speaking tropical paradise… On y va! Je suis pret!


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