Best Weekend Wishes!

Ahhh, the weekends… the most precious time to chill out and rock out in ways you just can’t during the full-time, Monday-through-Friday-kinda-lifestyle sched.

Last weekend, I dedicated a lot of time to playing music, and this weekend, I fit in a trip to Disneyland with my cute dude. We visited Mickey’s house in ToonTown and saw that even Mickey has a list of things to-do. Makes sense since he’s such a successful mouse!

Here are a few snapshots to share. Happy weekend to all & may the dream that you wish come true!

Rock ‘n roll relaxing.

Mickey’s to-do list. Love how “Call Minnie” is a to-do… after “Mousercise” & “Water Lawn” of course!

Framed photo of Minnie playing piano in Mickey’s house. So cute. So talented. So in love!

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