Travel Tuesday: Grand Canyon Collage

Whoop! Whoop! So many new year’s resolutions (write travel stories, record music, learn french, more freelance work, write a screenplay, spend more time in nature), yet so little time (to even catch my breath since this sentence is soooo lofty and long)!

Anyways, to continue fulfilling and meeting each new year’s commitment, here’s my first “Travel Tuesday” post. Good thing I visited the Grand Canyon before all these resolutions came rolling in!

Here’s my story in a sentence: I went with my rad, road-warrior boyfriend to stay one night at the cozy Yavapai Lodge in Grand Canyon National Park, but although we stood right on the rim both morning and night, a snow storm made it impossible to see anything of the canyon so we laughed a lot and promised to come back again when we can see it!

More “Travel Tuesday” stories coming soon that will mostly likely be longer than one long sentence.

Thanks to my fellow nature-lovin’ BFF Justina Blakeney at Compai Creative for helping me with this little collage why I juggle all my resolutions with style and grace at a crazy pace.

Passing out now. “Oui Oui Wednesday” post tomorrow sometime between or after playing piano, followed by a full day’s work, plus French homework and night class. Whoa, je suis fatigue just thinking about it (that means tired, peeps)! Yes, tired! Good night! Sweet canyon kisses, s

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2 Responses to Travel Tuesday: Grand Canyon Collage

  1. Amanda says:

    sweet Ear Brassiere!

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