Ahhh, yes, winding down a chill weekend here in LA LA land. Spent most of it at home so the timing was perfect to jump in on my Compai Creative compañera Justina’s fun new project STYLE.PLAY.WORK.SHOP (click links to learn more).

For round 1, I just had to grab the following things:

Then, style a little photo shoot et voila!

This was my favorite shot. I call it “Après Paris”. I shot it on my new iPhone with the Hipstomatic app.

Man, my hustle sure is getting fancy! Weekend trips to Paris and now I’m a stylist. What on earth could be next? I’m hoping bed by 10:30.

So long sweet weekend. Mañana, back to my Monday hustle.


About Shannon Flaherty

Writer. Creative. Freelancer. Freebird.
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One Response to Style.Play.Work.Shop.

  1. Loves it! So stoked that you’ve joined the workshop! Can’t wait to see round 2! 😉

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