Peaced out to Paris

So excited to be here. Even if it’s just for a long weekend. Ahhhh, airline mileage, you saved the day! This photo of the Notre Dame in the rain last night perfectly captured my jet-lagged state of mind.

Oooo, and the most exciting news is that France’s main airport, Charles de Gaulle, has enough fuel to last only a few days, the transport ministry has warned amid strikes against government plans to raise the retirement age.

Maybe I’ll be here longer than the weekend afterall! Ouiiiiiiiiii!!!


About Shannon Flaherty

Writer. Creative. Freelancer. Freebird.
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3 Responses to Peaced out to Paris

  1. Sole alberti says:

    Dope! You get to stay on Paris!!!! So jealous! No FUEL! NO FUEL! xxoo

  2. amazement…
    jealous… next time, it’s gotta be the three of us!!!

  3. nina munk says:

    wish i could be stuck there with you. love paris in the rain…

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