No Age Anticipation

One week from today, the new No Age album “Everthing In Between” hits stores. Anticipation is building for the Sub Pop release and every outfit from SPIN magazine to our local record store Amoeba (where the duo will DJ next week) have something to say about it.

Curious? Well, this eerie and strangely inspiring album trailer speaks for itself. To me, it’s proof that passion plus hard work and heart always makes a statement – one that feels good and gets under your skin. Oh yeah, and it’s proof that the filmmaker/guitarist is as rad as ever! He was my HUSTLE FILE #52.

Okay, I’ll stop sounding like SPIN magazine now. Enjoy!


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4 Responses to No Age Anticipation

  1. AV says:

    RAD! i can’t wait to see those rippers in Paris.
    Rip shit up / Skate or Die / Easy Jet

  2. ha ha ha! Love how everyone is KIG (keeping it gangster) Paris Style!

  3. Karin Hubbe says:

    the album soundssss great

    when in paris – u should rock sweden too

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