One for Me, One for You!

Being the multitasking monster that I am, I of course have one office for my full-time job and one for all my fun, freelance projects with friends. Whelp, it finally became apparent that two offices was one too many for me. So, check this out. Starting this September 1st (next week!), there is a very rad office/work/creative space available for rent.

Here are the details plus a photo (though it will be empty when you move in):

Private office available for rent in creative studio, 3rd Street at Alvarado (near Echo Park)

Looking for a creative type (writer, designer, consultant, party planner, programmer, blogger, etc.) to rent a room in our studio. Room available has great natural light, closets for storage, high ceilings, hardwood floors. In the space there are two shared bathrooms, shared entry area with coffee machine and water cooler, and 24 hour access. You will be sharing the space with a creative consulting/design studio and a writer/video editor. Space is in a professional yet quaint building with great stylish detail and a creative vibe! $580/month with one month deposit. Wifi and all utilities included.

Come on! You know you need a dedicated space to work your magic! Here’s the pic so you can see yourself getting shit done! Yeah!

For more info, contact me at

About Shannon Flaherty

Writer. Creative. Freelancer. Freebird.
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2 Responses to One for Me, One for You!

  1. Deana says:

    Sounds great, wish I could but the commute would be a killer. Hope it rents out soon.

  2. nina munk says:

    can i live here until we move to france?

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