Don Turns His Swag On

Ahhh, the last scene of the first episode of Mad Men Season 4 was epic. Shy and shook-up throughout most of the season opener, Don Draper finally turned his swag on in the end. Awesome. So awesome I filmed it on the little video camera on my new iPod and started a YouTube account.

Yes, new gear to get more gangster… and yes, still tightening my game, just like Don. Love this final scene.

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2 Responses to Don Turns His Swag On

  1. Awesome is absolutely right. Be still my heart. Let’s get goin’!

  2. what? you got the iphone? I loved it when he turned on his swagger. I can’t wait until I yell at people to get outta my office because they are not “forward thinkers:” Loves it. Don, oh Don….

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