World Cup Hustle Up!

I’m so stoked it’s Saturday. I woke up yesterday to all my Mexican neighbors cheering for the first game of the World Cup – Mexico vs. South Africa. But, I couldn’t watch because I had to go to work & write about hot sexy fashion. Today, I finally got to watch some soccer & saw the U.S. score when the ball slipped right past the hands of England’s goalie. How crazy that goalie must have felt. Talk about jobs & dreams & dream jobs & pressure to perform. Wow.

Well, no pressure to perform for me today. Today I am chilling! Yaaaay for Saturday & Shakira’s World Cup performance last night & my new copywriting job. It’s so fun we’ve themed our new summer collection after the World Cup. Check the site, video & all the stuff I wrote! Get in the game, play the field & SCORE! Duh!

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2 Responses to World Cup Hustle Up!

  1. nina munk says:

    Nice work, Miss Flaherty!

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