Cinco de Chillin’ with Snoop & Shakira

Today was Cinco de Mayo. I worked all day and even though I was going to work more tonight. I drank a margarita and listened to Snoop Dogg instead.

Snoop always convinces me that chillin’ is the right thing to do. He just happened to be on the radio, but I also listened to all my favorite Mexican jams. Right now, I’m listening to Shakira, but she’s not Mexican. She’s Colombian and I love her – ever since I was a teenager I have. Singing along always makes me happy and chilled out.

Annnd in celebration of all things chill, I also entered a contest about vacation. It’s a contest that my best friend Tina is promoting for the fashion line vogel10. You list the 10 essentials you pack for vacation and you could win 10 pieces from their collection. Vacation is a chill topic. Hustlers need vacation. Just like hustlers need Cinco de Mayo, Snoop Dogg and Shakira.

Okay, here are my top 10 vacation essentials with a shout-out to vogel10:

1. cute bikini
2. cute panties
3. cute socks – knee-highs are my signature steez
4. one of my softest & most favorite vogel10 dresses
5. black hoodie
6. jeans
7. kicks – green converse or black new balances
8. heels – even though i only rock sneakers
9. moleskin notebook
10. mechanical pencil

Oh yeah… and my most immediate essential is a good night’s sleep… cuz even chillers thinking about vacation and listening to Snoop and Shakira on Cinco de Mayo get sleepy, too! Buenas noches todo mundo.

Que pedo. A huevo. Te quiero mucho. xxo, Snoop Shanny Shan


About Shannon Flaherty

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2 Responses to Cinco de Chillin’ with Snoop & Shakira

  1. Dear Snoop Shanny Shan,
    Let’s put lots of tropical plants in our new office. Let’s keep the fire place going until it gets all humid. Let’s lay out big beach towels on the floor in the main room and read trashy novels and drink pina coladas and get a little bit of staycation in!

  2. Totally down! ALOHHHHA tropical office!!!
    Such great ideas come from drinking margaritas & pina coladas!!! Random, but great.
    Workin’ hard + lettin’ loose = key to life
    I’ll get the rum & the pineapple juice!!!

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