Hustled My New Scent

A couple weeks ago, I went to a fancy schmancy perfume launch party at the Maison Martin Margiela store in Beverly Hills. I don’t believe I’ve ever been to a perfume launch party before. I loved it.

My favorite part was a dressing room converted into a mixed-media t.v./telephone booth with a smelling station nearby to test the notes included in the scent.  The debut fragrance, Untitled, is based on green floral notes, galbanum, boxwood, mastic, incense, bitter orange, jasmine, cedar and musk… as if they had been gathered after the rain. It’s sexy and smells like the woods plus church.

I could have hung out in that dressing room all night, watching the video and listening to this trippy song on the telephone.

My second favorite part was making friends with the girl that handles PR for the store. She hooked me up with a tester bottle she had in her lab coat pocket. I love that everyone working for Maison Martin Margiela wears lab coats. So dope.

Untitled goes for about 100 bucks a pop… annnnd guess who got a bottle for free?

Ahhh, friendly positive vibes win again!

Too bad this post isn’t scratch-and-sniff cuz I smell very fancy schmancy!


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