Korean Spa Saves the Day

After a busy week of hustling all over LA, Korean spa plus Korean barbeque with my girls saves me. It’s a regular must for us.

Just like Korean women who have been doing it for ages, we love the rejuvenating routine. It’s our little secret for regrouping to rule the real world.

If you & your girl gang need a break from the grind, these spots are our tops: Olympic Spa followed by Dong Il Jang.

Much love to Sof, Sols, Tina & Nina – just a fraction of my girl gang… So, look out!

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Writer. Creative. Freelancer. Freebird.
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2 Responses to Korean Spa Saves the Day

  1. There was a woman at the spa last night who was working on her laptop in the rest area. It made me feel so conflicted. On the one hand– it’s genius to pay 15 bucks to hang out there all day, work, and take Jacuzzi/steam room/scrub breaks in between– instead of say, working at a cafe. As a freelancer I’m always looking for interesting/different places to work. But on the other hand, is it cool to bring work to the one place that you reserve for r&r?
    What do you think, oh expert of hustle?

  2. Hana says:

    ooOOooo thanks for the heads up! I could use an affordable spa day fo sho.


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