Gantez Warrior = My New Summer Crush

Awesomeness was in the air last night at the Reserve shop on Fairfax – the highlight being some surf groms playing cute & angsty surf rock. Yep, Gantez Warrior is their name & these talented eighteen-year-olds are ready for the best summer ever! Especially since my buddy Rick Klotz of Reserve is soon to put out their debut album on his new label Warriors of Radness.

I’m so excited for these little surfer dudes, hustling what they love & having a blast!

I especially loved their ride for giggin’ – an old hooptie with the top sawed off & surfboards nailed on for shade. The shot above was too perfect – parked out front of the Reserve store across the street from Canter’s. Although the photo doesn’t do it justice, this beast of a car reminded me of the Suburban I had for giggin’ not so long ago. It is true – rock ‘n’ roll will never die.

Introducing my new summer crushes…

Gantez Warrior
Gantez Warrior consists of 3 very young and talented surf kids out of the beach town of Costa Mesa, California. According to lead singer Levi Prairie, the band’s about “Making out, dancing, teenage party music, surfing, positive fun, and getting people down to as little clothes as possible.” Formed in 2005 when they were all 13 years old and playing small gigs and backyard parties, they are finishing up recording their first album at the moment, and it’s scheduled for release this summer through Warriors of Radness.

Sneak peek video here!

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3 Responses to Gantez Warrior = My New Summer Crush

  1. summer crushes! Oy! Toddlers. cute and talented toddlers 😉 he he.

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  3. party music can range from R&B, Disco and of course mainstream pop music like Lady Gaga `,*

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