HUSTLE FILE #45: Galen London

NAME: Galen A. London (aka G-Diddy)

OCCUPATION: Freelance film production (tv commercials) is how i get paid, being G-Diddy is how i get laid.

LOCATION: New York City, NY & Los Angeles, CA and everywhere in between and to the sides.

WHAT’S YOUR HUSTLE: I take what the agency wants, director wants, client wants, and budget allows, and mix it in a big bowl. Pop it in the oven. And after 1000 calls, 5000 emails, lots of text and ichat and punching in the numbers of every penny spent on labor, equipment and location, tell the companies that hire me if their souffle rose (is under budget) or fell flat (over budget).

WHAT DOES YOUR HUSTLE MEAN TO YOU: It means having a roof over my head, having somebody next to me in bed, lots of travel when i wanna be somewhere else instead, and experiencing all life has to offer til im dead (in other words- a healthy paycheck).

IF YOU COULD HAVE ONLY THREE TOOLS FOR YOUR HUSTLE, WHAT WOULD THEY BE: My charm, my mouth, my looks- the rest I can work around.

A WORD OF ADVICE TO WANNABE HUSTLERS IN YOUR FIELD: Treat all with respect- today’s director & producer is tomorrow’s ghost, and that PA you run ragged is tomorrow’s producer/director aka “paycheck”.  Kill ’em with kindness. Make friends with accounting before ANYBODY else. They take care of your payroll, reimbursements and petty cash issues!!! And call me… I’m available.

About Shannon Flaherty

Writer. Creative. Freelancer. Freebird.
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4 Responses to HUSTLE FILE #45: Galen London

  1. gail says:

    LOL!!! Tell it like it Diddy!

  2. gail says:

    I mean, Tell it like it is, see I’m hustling too hard to type slow.

  3. Beth says:

    That is exactly why we love having you around….especially when you take your shirt off for accounting! ;o) I am giddy about Diddy!

  4. loving the hustlin’ rhymes!

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