HUSTLE UP on Josie Maran

Shout out to the Josie Maran “I AM” Campaign!

Today (thanks to Josie & my little impromptu photo shoot last week),  I am very proud to be featured on Josie’s Lifestyle and Beauty Blog.

Josie’s latest campaign to highlight “Real Women” is a lot of fun. You make a sign with your personal “I AM” statement & write a bit about yourself. Of course, I am hustlin’.

Here’s me kickin’ the k-knowledge about hustling & my time working with Josie at Josie Maran Cosmetics:

“To me, hustling is something all of us do to make a living and survive. It’s about working hard, pursuing your dreams and figuring out what makes you happy along the way. As a freelance writer and consultant, I have to hustle. Having worked with Josie for two years, I can say with certainty that the JMC team knows what it means to hustle. Any start-up person or business knows the feeling. The traditional definition of hustling implies shadiness, but my definition is honestly putting your heart, soul and guts into everything you do.”

Peep Josie’s entire hustle at

Much love to the JMC crew!


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