IN-BETWEENS: Hustle quote

yogi bhajan

Thought this quote was apropos for HUSTLE UP. It’s from my Yogi Bhajan Everyday calendar:

“Competing, comparing and being confused is not our way. Contained, content and continuous is our way. Either hustle, go out and get it, or meditate and let it come to you.”


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3 Responses to IN-BETWEENS: Hustle quote

  1. yogi ji… lovelovelove… i like “meditate, and let it come to you” .. it always does.
    so beautiful. i love hustling and meditating. xoxox

  2. molly Flaherty says:

    I love this one… ahhhh to find the perfect combo of hustling and meditating… Friday and Saturday I was meditating, now I am hustling…Sunday night homework cram! love you shanny, blog is coming along nicely, I like the new posts!

  3. is it ok to comment on someone elses comment? Sof’s “I Love husstling and meditating” should be a bumper sticker or something. its amazing.

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