HUSTLE FILE #9: Jen Sall

jen_sall_hustleNAME: Jen Sall 

OCCUPATION: Business Development/Marketing Consultant 

WHAT’S YOUR HUSTLE:  I am fortunate enough to work predominately with companies that practice responsible capitalism.  I specialize in business development, marketing and sales, along with a dash of this or that. I’ve dipped my toes in anything from The Film Independent Spirit Awards to the launch of Propr Clothing in NYC & LA, and a slew of other great companies and projects along the way! Blogger – find me at, manager for my Scottish Deerhound Ollie (seriously, he gets mobbed for photos), and foodie-at-large…

WHAT DOES YOUR HUSTLE MEAN TO YOU: It’s a forever learning process. It’s okay to make mistakes, reflect, learn and move along!  

IF YOU COULD HAVE ONLY THREE TOOLS FOR YOUR HUSTLE, WHAT WOULD THEY BE: A good night of sleep, chocolate, and spending time in the outdoors – preferably by the ocean.


About Shannon Flaherty

Writer. Creative. Freelancer. Freebird.
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3 Responses to HUSTLE FILE #9: Jen Sall

  1. jen says:

    Thanks Shannon!

  2. ooo, i’d like to combine all of your HUSTLE TOOLS and get a good night of sleep outdoors, by the ocean, with chocolate! beautiful and yummy! gotta keep hustlin’ for that! : )

  3. Ploccarce says:

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