IN-BETWEENS: Can’t stop the rock

Dragging back my recycling bin today, I popped the top to take a peek. Ha! How apropos. Of all my worldly possessions and rubbish that filled the bin the night before, one thing stuck. A pink 7” label from the only vinyl release by my crazy band Erebus Nyx and Styx. Circa 2006. I took it as a sign I’ve got a lot more rocking to do. Such a good omen. Ooo, I see a slice of lime, too! Wonder what that means?



About Shannon Flaherty

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2 Responses to IN-BETWEENS: Can’t stop the rock

  1. Amanda Vietta says:

    the slice of lime obviously means that there’s tequila shots to fuel the rock ahead.
    fuuuuuuk yeah!!!! when empires crumble, all that remains is ENAS::::: sandy celebrity, omega meltdown & juan dough FOREVVVSSS xoxo

  2. paige says:

    the lime means more tequila. oh, i see amanda already made that observation! rock on shan shan!

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