STORAGE STORY #3: Power move weekend

storage_story_3_08.02.09Winding down the first weekend of August, I feel good and strong. I usually like Sunday to relax, but today was a Sunday to charge! I even got a UHAUL pick-up truck because the convertible Saab wasn’t gonna cut it this power move weekend.

I should’ve been out of my place a few days ago, but I had a lot going on – like a very important jacuzzi/pool party in Beverly Hills after work on Friday. Plus, I love my little backhouse jungle bungalow in Los Feliz. Really, I’m not in a huge hurry to leave it. But, the call of the wild (and my landlady) are encouraging me to clear my shit out. I did commit to being out end of July.

New to storage: Tent, sleeping bag, skateboard (that I’ve had since age 16 – rad!), wine rack, shoe rack, lawn chair (that I’ve had almost as long as the skateboard), bedside table, two boxes of framed things/knick-knacks/wooden snakes/coon-skin cap, vanity table mirror, one box of CDs and (not pictured) one box of books plus mattress! Yes, air mattress for me tonight. Hobo life, here I come.


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