HUSTLE FILE #5: Emily Morishita


NAME: Emily Morishita


WHAT’S YOUR HUSTLE: Day job is an exhibition designer at the Getty Museum. The hustle at work involves designing the exhibitions (street banners, press kits and invitations, gallery graphics, furniture, and installation) as well as maps, signage, etc. for a museum. Outside of work hustle involves being on the board of directors for the Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design, an organization devoted to promoting discussion about architecture and urban life in Los Angeles and beyond. I like to design for friends, like the Barn Salon series for REDEYE Represents. My hustle also involves taking classes so that I can tango and weld my own patio furniture. All that being said, I want to shift my hustle towards public art and urban planning–figuring out a way to add design to city life.

WHAT DOES YOUR HUSTLE MEAN TO YOU: life long learning and making things.

IF YOU COULD HAVE THREE TOOLS FOR YOUR HUSTLE, WHAT WOULD THEY BE: An interesting network of people, coffee, and an old fashioned monthly planner.


About Shannon Flaherty

Writer. Creative. Freelancer. Freebird.
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2 Responses to HUSTLE FILE #5: Emily Morishita

  1. paige says:

    love your hustle emily. my hubby is an abstract architectural painter and my dear friends are the designers of the iT house. big props for the urban city love.

  2. the patio furniture that we have at home were all built by my uncle. they are really of great style and quality:.~

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